“In 8 months of lessons I went from having never sat behind a wheel before to passing my test first time, in London!” – Helen

“Great instructor! After trying different driving schools and instructors, Kevin is the best of all, he is patient, experienced, extremely professional. After 7 hours’ lessons, he not only helps me to improve my driving skills up to 200%, but also build up my confidence behind the wheel. ” – Yiwen

“Kevin’s friendly approach to driving lessons was very helpful over the months I learned to drive. I’ve come across a range of tutors in different fields, and Kevin has a perfect balance of patience and attention to detail. I would recommend Kevin’s services to anyone looking for a sure route to not only passing their driving exam, but becoming a safe and confident driver.”  – Ben

“Thank you to a FANTASTIC, PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING driving instructor,when I first met Kevin I was so nervous that I had an asthma attack, but over the coming weeks Kevin built up my confidence  and at times I don’t know how he didn’t throw me out of the car, but he NEVER gave up on me. If any one of any sex or age is looking for a great teacher then look no further than Kevin, I passed my test first time. THANK YOU Kevin, you gave me a future that has confidence.” – Christine

“I began learning to drive at a slightly later age then most at 22 years old. With Kevin’s instruction I passed my practical driving test first time with only two minors, which I was very relieved and happy about! I would like to thank Kevin for his patience even when I found myself making the same mistakes over and over again. I can recommend Kevin to anyone looking to start learning to drive.” – Jon

“Kevin provided my daughter with a thorough grounding driving in different types of traffic conditions. His patient detailed approach has helped her confidence and ability to trust her own judgement when driving on London’s busy roads. I am happy to recommend Wimbledon School of Motoring.” – Sue

“Learning to drive is a really scary prospect and having had a bad experience with a previous instructor made me more apprehensive. However upon first meeting Kevin I can safely say all my apprehensions were put to rest. He made me feel automatically safe and comfortable due to his friendly but firm approach. Having had lessons previously, Kevin went over the basics and eased me back into driving safely on the road. I had a few struggles before passing my test including reverse parking, reverse round a corner and roundabouts but through Kevin’s calm approach to teaching I learnt about how to complete these confidently and safely. When I had set backs Kevin always pushed me to do my best, always in a professional and understanding manner. I cannot recommend Kevin highly enough; I honestly don’t think I could have asked for a better instructor or that I could have passed my test without him. Not only was Kevin a great instructor and mentor but he became a friend who I felt truly cared about my well being, happiness and most of all my driving success.” – Poppy

“I would recommend Kevin to anyone learning to drive. He allowed me to become more confident on the road and his friendly, relaxed approach made for comfortable learning. By the time my test arrived, I felt thoroughly relaxed and prepared for it. Thanks Kevin!” – Ryan